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September 25, 2019

The Elco 2019 Scholarships Distribution Ceremony

The Gershon Salkind Scholarships Distribution Ceremony

This evening, we have celebrated the quest for the future, and we have saluted those whose vision is broad and far-reaching.

Among our distinguished audience, are 62 carefully selected scholars, employees of companies of the Elco Group, their children or their partners, who have set two goals for themselves: first, an academic-scholarly goal, secondly, to fulfill that goal.

These goals are the building blocks of success, and each achievement, each goal that is reached - starts with prospective thinking, with a strong desire for development, and an appreciation of the nature of the road to be travelled.

As the Queen of Hearts told Alice in Alice in Wonderland: "We must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

But even in our reality, Ladies and Gentlemen, we must run twice as fast if we want to move forward.

Progress is blowing in the back of our heads, the world is changing, the digital era has since long changed the rules of the game, science and engineering, which are subjects close to you, are being updated and upgraded, and those who are leading the way, are those are who ask ‘WHAT’S NEXT? ....’

Think Next is the name of the ceremony and it’s more than just a slogan. It’s the essence, it’s a worldview.

Sixty-six Elco scholars have embraced this worldview, and this evening we are granting to each of them two things from the Salkind Foundation: One - a full scholarship for studies in engineering and science, and the other - a true appreciation of the desire to grow and to expand horizons and skills.

In the course of the evening, we heard three inspiring stories from three scholars, we saluted and wished success to all sixty-six Elco scholars on their future endeavors, and hosted one of the country's inspirational bands, filling our hearts and minds with hope.

At the helm of the Elco Group and of the Gershon Salkind Striving for Excellence Foundation are the owners of the Elco Group and sons of the Foundation’s founder - Daniel Salkind and Michael Salkind.

What is the Striving for Excellence Foundation and what stands behind Gershon Salkind, of blessed memory?

The late Gershon Salkind, one of Israel's leading industrialists, was at the head of Elco, which was founded by his father, Alexander.

Initially, the company engaged in the production of transformers and adapters, mainly for the Israel Electric Company.

Over the years, Elco has expanded its operations into other areas, and thus Elco has become one of Israel’s largest companies. One year after his death in 2018, the Gershon Salkind Striving for Excellence Foundation was established in his memory.

The Foundation’s purpose is to conduct a unique program to encourage and improve engineering and science studies of the Elco Group employees, their children and their spouses, encouraging and supporting  students by granting scholarships for the duration of their studies and promoting volunteering work and community involvement of the students, thereby providing an opportunity to generate change and growth in their environment.

This is a WIN-WIN situation, everyone is benefitting.

One can talk a lot more about the man, who is an example  of forward thinking, but we won’t have enough time to  talk about all of Gershon Salkind's work, and so we invite you to taste, be it only for a moment, what dreams and fulfillment look like, and who the man behind the Striving for Excellence Foundation was.

The late Gershon Salkind is an inspiration!

This is the first year that the Salkind Striving for Excellence Foundation opens its doors, and this is the beginning of a tradition. You, Ladies and Gentlemen, are attending the premiere event of the scholarship award ceremony, so this is a double excitement.

Dozens of Elco employees from three subsidiaries, Electra Inc., Electra Consumer Products and Electra Real Estate, applied for a scholarship this year. Sixty-six of them have been definitely selected for the scholarship, reflecting their determination, their character and their ambition for the future.

65 Elco employees and one of their family members, and another 18 scholars from the general population, will expand their horizons this year, and who knows, we may hear about a company or a project they’ll lead in the future.

65 scholarships. 65 different stories of empowerment and of striving for excellence.

Elco scholars see ahead.

In each of us is a passionate adventurer, eager to discover what's next – WHAT’S NEXT, and sixty-six Elco scholars are inspiring us all to strive forward.

No matter our age, our status, and no matter how busy we are. Thinking about the next thing, setting a target and daring to go forward – all lead to better versions of ourselves.

Our scholars are on their way, leaving us all eager, like them, to move forward.

Tomorrow is a wonderful enigma, and if we have the chance to be part of it and maybe even lead parts of it, we can consider us very lucky.

Sometimes the path to success is not easy. And we have to believe that we can do everything, even when it doesn’t seem so.

With hard work, by setting targets. The same principles that guided Gershon Salkind in his journey.