Electra to Provide Elevators and Air Conditioning Systems to Spiral Building in Tel Aviv for 400 Million Shekels

Yuval Azulay
May 19th, 2022; 3:06 PM

Electra Elevators will provide the elevators and electro-mechanic systems for Azrieli’s Spiral Tower in Tel Aviv, as Electra Group reported today (Thursday).
The tower, which will be built in the coming years next to the Azrieli compound, is planned to be the tallest in Israel. It will reach a height of 350 meters with 91 stories (out of which 83 above ground) and will serve for trade, business and residence. The construction work is expected to end in four years (in 2026).

Imaging of the Spiral Building (imaging: KPF)

In addition to the elevators that it will install in the tower, Electra Elevators will also be responsible for the installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, electricity, plumbing, and fire extinguishing systems, while adjusting these systems to the unique needs required for particularly tall buildings, including the meticulous demands of fire extinguishment. The overall scope of the transaction is 400 million shekels.

Electra Elevators will install 47 elevators in the tower, in addition to 16 escalators, which will connect it to the Azrieli Center, which includes three towers- the round, the square, and the triangular buildings. The elevators will move at high speed of 8 meters per second, will feature a unique design, and will be innovative and advanced so that they will be able to provide a rapid solution if an emergency evacuation of the tower is necessary.
Electra states that, unlike a normal building in which elevators are idled in emergency situations, and the evacuation takes place using stairs, the Spiral Tower will have a smart system that will enable a rapid and safe evacuation if needed.

Electra CEO Itamar Deutscher (photography: Tal Givoni)

Levinstein Native Engineering and Construction Ltd and Solel Boneh of the Shikun Binui Group are leading the construction work of the tower, which totals approximately 600 million shekels. The construction bid that the two companies submitted was chosen over the bid that Electra Construction had previously submitted.
The elevators tender that Electra Elevators won included international companies as well.

Earlier this week, Electra reported an additional significant landmark as it signed the franchising agreement to establish the Green Line of the light rail in Gush Dan.
Electra has finished 2021 with a 16% growth in revenues amounting to 9 billion shekels and a 25% increase in net profit, which amounted to approximately 227 million shekels.