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The Elco Group is dedicated to promoting collaboration between its subsidiaries and local communities, working to develop and establish long-term relationships with numerous associations, non-profits, and government initiatives.

We view community involvement as exceptionally rewarding for both the company and its employees. It not only gives each employee a sense of personal fulfillment, but also promotes team solidarity and enables us to put our company values into practice. In addition, the Electra Group strengthens its ties with the community and business partners, and helps to improve the society in which it operates.

In choosing the areas of social engagement in which Electra shall operate, we consider not only  the added value to the non-profit associations and types of populations with whom we operate, but also the contribution to the volunteering employees and the sense of satisfaction they derive from social engagement. For more than six years, the company's employees have been participating in various activities as a result of Electra’s decision to work for and with people with disabilities. The aim is to reach a situation where each employee shall volunteer one day per year, so that most of the employees are partners in contributing to the community.

Anyone who has already taken part in work for the community so far knows that interpersonal encounters that take place and the sense of capacity and pride arising from it are irreplaceable.

In 2019, about 4000 employees volunteered in a wide array of activities.

Here are some examples of our community partners:


About ILAN:

ILAN - Israel Association for Children with Disabilities- takes care of thousands of children and adults with physical disabilities who suffer from motor physical disabilities and various muscle and nerve diseases.

The ILAN Day Center in Tel Aviv is open to members of the Center area, and spend the day there in various activities such as social gatherings, sports, different circles, art therapy, garden therapy work, physical therapy, etc.

About volunteering at ILAN:

As part of the volunteering activities, Electra volunteers participate in enjoyable and fun activities with members of Ilan Tel Aviv and with the children of the On School in Zahala.  They take part in creative workshops, social activities and various sports activities.

Virtus Israel

About Virtus Israel:

The association conducts experiential and competitive sports activities for children and adults with cognitive and autistic disabilities. Activities include swimming competitions, bicycle racing, athletics competitions, tailored sports station activities, etc.

About volunteering at Virtus Israel:

Volunteers are assisting in managing sports competitions, operating sports stations, secretarial work and accompanying participants throughout the day of the competition.

The Bne Arazim School

About the Bne Arazim School:

The Bne Arazim School is a school for children with mental and emotional limitations who are children at risk. Most of these young people have been expelled from many educational institutions, and the "Bne Arazim" association helps them to rebuild themselves, strengthen their faith in themselves and educate them in a new way. Most of the children live in out-of-home settings.

The school has unique programs such as hairdresser studies in which students give haircuts to seniors from the community at symbolic prices, there is a gift workshop which sells products to the general public, etc...

About volunteering at the Bne Arazim School:

The volunteering activities take place  in the children's production workshop, where gifts are made and sold every few weeks. As part of the activity, Electra’s employees join young people and accompany them and assist them in the work. The activity invites the volunteer worker to create contact and talk with the young people and empower them, thus being part of their rehabilitation.

Therapeutic Garden Project: Flora Gardens Haifa Complex

About the Flora Gardens Haifa Complex:

The Flora Gardens Complex is an urban center for special education. There are several kindergartens for children aged 3-6 with complex disabilities. Children have different and multiple cognitive and physical limitations. As part of the preschool activity, medical treatment, emotional therapy and supportive care are provided to families.

About volunteering at the Flora Gardens Haifa Complex:

Volunteers join the children in experiential activities: establishing and maintaining a therapeutic garden while having educational activities with the children in the garden, collaborative creative activities, collaborative musical activities. The joint activity with young children enables to establish a connection between the volunteers and the children, each deriving pleasure and satisfaction from that encounter.

Therapeutic Garden Project: Etzion Bnei Brak School

About the Etzion Bnei Brak School:

The Etzion School is located in Bnei Brak and is a multi-regional school for children with cognitive impairment, who come from all areas in the Center district of Israel. The children attend small classes, accompanied by a dedicated educational team, which aims to provide children with an empowering childhood experience and provide them with life skills to integrate into society as adults.

About volunteering at the Etzion Bnei Brak School:

Volunteering there will contribute to establishing a therapeutic educational garden for the children, volunteering with the children in gardening classes in those garden, organizing experiential sports days with the help of the "Virtus Israel Association" and participating in various experiential activities with the children during the year.

Lev Hash Association

About the Lev Hash Association:

Lev Hash works to provide assistance to socially disadvantaged groups with financial, health and mental problems.

As part of the association's activities are: dental clinics, an electrical and household furniture center, a food distribution center, projects for children with cancer and their families, an elderly club for Holocaust survivors and more.

About volunteering at Lev Hash:

As part of the volunteer work, volunteers go to the Rambam Haifa Hospital and distribute sandwiches and refreshments to the patients and their families. In addition, volunteers participate in activities for making food baskets and donations to families in need, together with the association.

Chimes Israel

About Chimes Israel:

Chimes is an association that helps adults and children with symptoms of cognitive decline. The organization has many centers throughout Israel: adult day centers, afternoon social clubs for children, preschool kindergartens, employment establishments and more.

About volunteering at Chimes Israel:

Volunteers are involved in a variety of activities: organizing social events and activities for the children's holidays, integration into employment establishments, activities with the adult group, etc.