Want to Shop at Carrefour? These are the Branches Opened Throughout Israel

Yosefa Kimhi | 5-minute read | 09/05/202312:22

Carrefour’s launch ceremony, this morning in Ra’anana (photo: LENS Productions)

About a year after the agreement between Electra Consumer Products and French retail chain Carrefour has been signed, the branches are opening their doors following an ILS 250 million investment. As announced by Carrefour this week, by the end of the year Carrefour Israel is expected to have 80-100 branches.

Carrefour International has 14 thousand branches in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia, and Africa, and its sales turnover is around ILS 400 billion (almost six times the entire market sales in Israel).

All the branches were designed by Carrefour International, and adhere to the chain’s concept while meeting its international standards. Israeli branches will offer over 1,000 Carrefour products in 82 categories, including food products, organic products, toiletry and cleaning products, and non-food products, in European quality and at market-breaking prices. In addition, the Carrefour Online website has been launched alongside the brick-and-mortar branches.

Carrefour products. Market-breaking prices (photo: LENS Productions)

As part of the process of converting the branches and adjusting them to the international standard, about 20 professionals from Carrefour International had visited the Israeli branches to train the local teams. Branches are opened in three formats: Carrefour City (neighborhood stores), Carrefour Market, and Carrefour Hyper (discount stores).

Complete Branch List:

Or Yehuda – 13 Ha’Mifal St, Or Yehuda

Or Akiva – 2 Ha-Ilan St, Northern Industrial Zone, Or Akiva

Ashdod (Shasha) – 9 HaShayatim St, Ashdod

Ashdod (Rova 4) – 25 Rogozin St, Ashdod

Ashdod (Rova 12) – 14 Tamuz St, Ashdod

Ashkelon Barne’a – 6 Rakhel Leifer Miller St, Ashkelon

Be’er Sheva (Neve Ze’ev) – 32 Johana Jabotinsky, Be’er Sheva

Be’er Sheva (Jerusalem Blvd) – 42 Jerusalem Blvd, Neighborhood 9, Be’er Sheva

Beit Shemesh (Big Center) – Yigal Alon Blvd (Big Center), Beit Shemesh

Givat Shmuel – 1 Ha’Oranim St (commercial center), Givat Shmuel

Givatayim – 71 Weissman St, Givatayim Mall

Ganei Tikva – 78 HaGalil St, Givat Savion

Hod HaSharon – corner of Ben Gurion and Shalom Aleichem, Hod HaSharon

Herzliya (Rabbi Akiva) – 50 Rabbi Akiva, Herzliya

Herzliya (Nof Yam) – 10 Sha’ar HaYam St, Nof Yam, Herzliya

Herzliya (HaTsiyonut Square) – 34 Zohar-Tal St, Herzliya

Herzliya (Neve Amirim) – 82 Ben Gurion St, Herzliya

Zikhron Ya’akov – corner of HaShmura and HaKovshim, Zikhron Ya’akov

Holon – 2 HaMarganit St, Holon

Haifa (Ramot Alon) – 31 Yigal Alon, Haifa

Haifa (Greenberg) – 20 Greenberg, Ramat Begin

Jerusalem – 1 Avizohar St, Ramat Beit HaKerem

Kfar Yona – 44 Menachem Begin, Kfar Yona

Kfar Saba – 2 Ya’akov Cohen St, Kfar Saba

Modi’in – corner of Emek Beit She’an and Yehezkel HaNavi, Modi’in

Mazkeret Batya – 8 Lilakh, Mazkeret Batya

Ma’alot Tarshikha – 3 Shlomo Shrira St, Ma’alot Tarshikha

Matan – 84 Hadar St, Matan

Ness Ziona – 1 Avner Ben Ner, Ness Ziona

Netanya (HaPlada) – 13 HaPlada, Netanya

Netanya (Ir Yamim) – corner of Ben Gurion Blvd and Shazar, Ramat Poleg, Netanya

Netanya (Alonei HaSharon) – 26 Tom Lantos Blvd, Netanya

Netanya (Jerusalem) – 29 Jerusalem St, Netanya

Petah Tikva – 13 Kaplan St, Petah Tikva

Tzur Yitzhak – 9 Nahal Kanne, Tzur Yitzhak

Kiryat Ono – 57 HaNasi, Kiryat Ono

Rosh Ha’Ayin – 77 Yehoshua Bin Noon, Rosh Ha’Ayin

Ramla – 45 Herzl Blvd, Ramla

Ramat HaSharon – 33 Sokolov St, Ramat HaSharon

Ra’anana (Rama) – 12 Zarhin, Ra’anana

Ra’anana (Vatikim) – 11 HaHistadrut St, Ra’anana

Tel Aviv (La Guardia) – 76 La Guardia St, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (Dizengoff Square) – 7 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (Maoz Aviv) – 209 Bnei Efraim St, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (Weissman) – 20 Weissman St, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (HaMashtella) – 9 Dr Elie Tavin, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (Tel Baruch) – 8 Aharon Becker, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (Ramat HaChayal) – 13 D. M. Marcus St, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (Neve Avivim) – 13 Oppenheimer St, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (Ramat Aviv Gimel) – 35 Aba Akhime’ir St, Tel Aviv

This is the first time an international food giant is opening branches in Israel. The launch ceremony took place this morning, attended by Ministry of Economy Nir Barkat, Carrefour Group CEO Alexandre Bompard, Carrefour Group Board of Directors Chairman Philippe Houzé, Carrefour International Partnerships CEO Patrick Lasfargues, Carrefour Israel CEO Uri Kilstein, Electra Consumer Products CEO Zvika Schwimmer, Electra’s controlling shareholders Danny and Mikey Salkind, and Workers Association Chairman Eyal Elli.

Barkat at the Carrefour Ra’anana opening (photo: Oded Karni, GPO)

“We turned the world on its head to enable this”

Minister of Economy and Industry Nir Barkat is Carrefour’s first shopper in Israel. This morning he visited the Carrefour Ra’anana branch, cut the ribbon in the formal launch ceremony attended by Carrefour International senior officials, and made the first purchase.

Barkat said: “The opening of 50 Carrefour branches in Israel is a big step in the right direction and I’m proud of it. We had to make some revolutions in the Ministry of Economy in recent months to allow this day to happen. We have reduced barriers to entry, cancelled made-up standards, and applied the foreign-chain procedure for the first time. The best solution for the deep-seated failures in the Israeli food market is competition and more competition. Opening Carrefour is the first step, but certainly not the last. I am planning a whole line of in-depth steps to change the paradigm and dismantle the monopolies and cartels.”

Barkat, Carrefour’s first shopper in Israel (photo: Oded Karni, GPO)