Elco Ltd. holds a unique portfolio of industry leader companies, with the Electra Super Brand at its center. From construction and infrastructure, to consumer electronics, telecommunications, and entertainment – Elco’s companies touch every aspect of life.


BA Economics and Business Management
MBA with a Specialization in Finance,
both from Bar-Ilan Univesity, Israel.

In addition to running Electra, Mr. Deutscher oversees 30 subsidiaries in Israel and 7 others globally.

Pioneers in alternative energy production
At the forefront of engineering and execution: the Jerusalem tunnels

An international market leader driven by a dedicated lifecycle approach to real estate assets that encompasses every stage of a project, from concept and development through construction and maintenance, to long-term management and operation.

Founded in 1945 and publicly traded since 1971, the Electra Group enjoys ongoing growth and diversification stemming from foresight, innovation, and strategic acquisitions. Notable recent steps include the formation of Electra USA, which now owns several of New York’s most prominent electromechanical contractors and the acquisition of the Israeli transportation company Afikim, enabling Electra to become a major player in this field under the new Electra Afikim brand.


Mr. Kalimi was appointed on 2014. He is a prominent executive in the Israeli market, holding positions such as CEO of Nestle Ice creams and CEO of Tara. He holds an MBA from the Hebrew University.

Zvika Schwimmer
CEO ELECTRA consumer

BA Economics and Business Management
MBA with a Specialization in Finance,
both from Bar-Ilan Univesity, Israel.

In addition to running Electra, Mr. Deutscher oversees 30 subsidiaries in Israel and 7 others globally.

Leading the Israeli air conditioning market for over 70 years.
The biggest consumer electronics omnichannel retail group in Israel.
Import and distribution of global consumer electronic brands.

The largest and leading group in israel with 75 years of operations in air conditioning and electronic home appliances. More recently the company entered the space of FMCG retail, including supermarkets, sport and outdoors.

Founded in 1951, Electra Consumer specializes in import, marketing and sale of leading international brands, as well as export of Heat Pump related products oriduced in its plant in Israel. Sells in Israel, Europe and Africa.

Chairman of Board

Mr. Rushinek has joined the company in 2006, and held several positions on its management team. An officer in the Israeli Navy and member of the Israeli Bar. He received his LLB and BA in business management and finance from IDC Herzliya.

Amir Yaniv
CEO of Electra Real Estate Ltd.
Member of investment committee

Has held numerous positions in the company prior to his appointment. Before joining the company, served as a Manager at Giza Singer Even, one of Israel’s largest financial advisory and investment banking firms, where he worked mainly with real estate companies.

Electra America
Far more than an investment fund.
Employees Globally
Market Cap
Total Equity under
Management (AUM)
Gross Property Value
under Management
104 Multifamily assets
55 Investment deals
14 Single Family Joint ventures
6 Hotels
1 Office building in the UK

Specializes in the establishment, operation, and management of private equity funds for investment in yield producing quality real estate.

Founded in 1972 and publicly traded since 2005, Electra Real Estate, through its US-based affiliate Electra America, currently holds and manages over 109 multi-family complexes, comprising about 35,000 residential units in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North/ South Carolina, Arizona, with an overall value of over 5 billion dollars


Mr. Sharon has a BA in Economics and Business Management from the Hebrew University and an MBA fromTel Aviv University. He is one of the most prominent executives in the telecom market for the last 25 years.

Revolutionary. Ground breaking.
Pro consumer.
Providing full Cellular service while saving hundreds of dollars for the end consumer

Revolutionized the mobile telecommunications market in Israel by introducing the low-cost model. A young and fresh company now navigated by an experienced management team.

Golan Telecom was founded in 2010 and became Israel’s fifth mobile provider by 2012. Following a period of rapid growth (reaching 900K users), it was acquired in 2017 by Electra Consumer products.

CEO Dream Group

Mr. Mor holds a BA in Economics and Management from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo, and a Master’s degree in Economics and Law from Bar-Ilan University.

Under the Hot Cinema brand, we operate 12 cineplexes and growing.
A growing sector in the Israeli economy

New markets, New opportunities. Dream Group is branching out into media, entertainment & leisure.

Relatively new in the Elco Group, Dream is a new potential growth sector in Content, Distribution, Leisure and Cinema. The first building block of this new and exciting sector was the acquisition of the Globus Max group (recently re-branded as Hot Cinema), and we are currently looking at oppornuites to further expand this business.

Kfir Navon
CEO, Supergas

Kfir Navon joined Supergas in 2010 as COO & CTO and has held the position of CEO since 2017. He previously served as Program & Business Development Manager for Elbit Systems. He holds a BA in Mathematics & Computer Science from Haifa University, Israel.

A Strong Force in Electricity Production and Supply
CNG is the efficient green alternative energy for every industry

A leading energy company specializing in marketing, supplying, and distributing LPG, natural gas, and CNG for private households as well as the industrial, commercial, and transportation sectors in Israel.

Founded in 1953, Supergas designs gas systems and provides comprehensive energy solutions; all the while adapting to technological changes and innovations imploying the highest standards of safety. Supergas supplies energy to approximately 500,000 customers, and has been the exclusive gas supplier of the Israel Defense Forces and the country's Police and Prison systems services for many years