October 13, 2021

“There’s never been a chain like this in Israel”: 7-Eleven opens dozens of stores across the country

Electra Consumer Products signed the agreement with theAmerican convenience stores chain for the next 20 years  ●  Thefirst branch is expected to open in Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv, next year  ● Branches will continue opening in other cities, at train stations andgas stations



13 October 2021 13:05, updated 13:32

7-Eleven. In Israel soon // Getty Images

Electra Consumer Products’ signature on an agreementyesterday (Monday) with 7-Eleven, the American convenience chain, will seedozens of stores opening across Israel over the next 3 years.

The chain’s first store is expected to open in DizengoffCenter, Tel Aviv, next year. Additional stores will open in other cities in gasstations, hospitals, train stations, city centers and other locations.

In Israel the chain will provide fast food and productsuniquely suited to the local market including fresh taboun (clay oven) pizza,lunches and dinners. By the end of 2024 Electra expects to invest more thanNIS. 60m in the brand and 7-Eleven stores in Israel. The 20 year agreementbetween the parties carries a 50-year extension option.

“A range of unique products” // Getty Images

Zvika Schwimmer, Electra Consumer Products CEO, said toIsrael Hayom: “We’re pleased 7-Eleven has chosen Israel as the twentiethcountry to carry its chain. 7-Eleven is the largest scale retail chain of itstype worldwide.”

More than 77,000 branches of the chain operate abroad, roundthe clock, but in Israel that won't be the case. According to Schwimmer, brancheswill work 24/6 and be closed on Saturdays. “We aren't interested in upsettingany of our clients. But in those 6 days we’ll provide the experience, a rangeof products, and the interest factor that so far hasn’t been seen in Israel.Convenience stores aren’t supermarkets but an integration of fresh food with asignificant and extensive investment in products of smaller scale suited toindividual consumers. I haven't come across this kind of chain in Israel.”

As for prices, Schwimmer explains: “We’ll make the pricesvery attractive for our consumers. Lunches will be much more attractive thanelsewhere.  A cup of coffee will be moreattractive as far as quality, experience and diversity.”

7-Eleven is a multinational convenience chain based out ofDallas, Texas, which grants franchises and licenses to more than 77,000 storesin 18 countries.

The popular chain has extensive presence in numerouscountries, among them the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, South Korea,Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia,Australia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The chain’s global objective is toprovide consumers “with what they want, when and where they want it.”