January 19, 2020

Industrial Building Corporation and Electra enter TA-35, Paz and Opko Are Out

Uri Tal-Tana

Thursday was the deadline forupdating the composition of the index, that will take effect at the closing onFebruary 6. Even before the stock market released its new index composition, whichwill take place on next Thursday, we calculated the expected changes therein. Thecurrent update has more changes than average, and for the first time, themarket value of all the shares entering the TA-125 index exceeds NIS 1 billion.This index is expected to undergo many changes: it will absorb 7 shares andlose 8 others.

Industrial Buildings and Electrawill enter the TA-35 index at the expense of Paz Oil and Apko. The SME60 index willabsorb 11 stocks and get rid of 10 stocks.

At the same time, there will alsobe an update of the AlphaBeta indices, on which the Smart Beta funds are based.SmartBeta's three major funds manage jointly about NIS 1.5 billion, andtherefore adjusting the indices on which these funds are based will have asignificant impact. AlphaBeta is expected to announce the new index compositionby the end of the month.