Electrifying Deal: Electra Will Carry Out Works at Tesla's Car Plant for 70 Million Euros

The company signed an agreement through its Polish subsidiary, to carry out electro-mechanical work at the first plant in Europe of the electric vehicle giant Alon Musk; The plant is currently located near Berlin and is intended to produce the Tesla Y model car

An intriguing deal for the Electra Group in Europe. The company signed an agreement through its Polish subsidiary to perform electromechanical work for the electric vehicle giant Tesla, which was established and is managed by Alon Musk, who holds about 20% of its share capital.

Electra will carry out the works at Tesla's huge electric vehicle plant currently located near Berlin, at a total cost of € 70 million. This is Tesla's fourth plant in the world, and the first to be located in Europe.

The innovative plant is designed to produce Tesla's Model Y car, it will be one of the most advanced of its kind in the field of electric vehicle production. The Polish subsidiary of the Electra Group, Electra M&E Polska, specializes in producing such systems for car companies in Europe, and the new agreement with Tesla is an achievement for the company, constituting another step in positioning itself as a leading player in this field in Europe.

Recently, the Polish subsidiary Electra M&E Polska completed electromechanical work totaling about 65 million euros for a number of leading car companies, including: Volkswagen, at the factories in Poland and Germany, Audi, at the factory established in Ingolstadt in Germany and Mercedes, at a huge engine factory established in western Poland, concurrently with service contracts for Volkswagen in Poland.