In line with the tender it won, Electra will exchange 107,000 lighting fixtures on Israel’s roads. The new apparatus will include smart cameras and speed detectors. Among the goals: electricity savings and reduced light pollution

Yuval Sadeh / 16.01.22   09:03

Electra Infrastructures, a subsidiary of Electra Ltd, was the single winner of the tender to supply smart lighting infrastructure to Netivei Israel which manages and maintains most of Israel’s intercity roads. Electra Infrastructure’s proposal totals some NIS. 600 million before VAT.

The tender’s winner will be responsible for changing 107,000 street lighting fixtures on Israel’s roads for “smart” lighting which will include smart cameras, speed detectors and counters, and more. The lighting systems will inter alia be linked to cellular communication receptors, allowing remote control and the option of audit at the level of individual headlight, sensor and camera.

Changing Israel’s lighting to smart lighting will enable Netivei Israel to activate lighting more smartly and efficiently, store data on real time driver behaviors, and conduct analyses that will ease traffic management. For example, detectors will enabling increasing brightness as a vehicle approaches a dark junction, and similarly reducing or turning off lighting where traffic flow is scanty.

Integrating smart systems country wide can lead to significant electricity savings, and reduced light pollution which affects the population and the environment. According to Netivei Israel’s O&M Division, the network upgrade will lead to a 50% electricity consumption reduction and savings of some NIS. 35 million per annum.

Electra CEO Itamar Deutscher (Photo: Tal Givoni)

Electra Infrastructures is an Electra Group subsidiary. The company’s CEO is Itamar Deutscher. Electra is controlled by Elco (48.2%) owned by brothers, Daniel and Michael Zelkind. Electra operates through subsidiaries in five spheres: construction and infrastructure projects in Israel; construction and infrastructure projects abroad; O&M and service; entrepreneurial real estate development and setup; and the tenders sector. The company presented a successful leap of 45% net profit in Q3 2021.

Erez Siksik, ngnr and VP O&M of Israel’s largest road works, Netivei Israel: “In addition to the NIS. 40 million annual saving in electricity costs from the taxpayers’ pockets, and the significant reduction in environmental damage, this move manifests the assimilation of initial technologies of their kind for this purpose worldwide, by integrating technologies that enable management of road networks more effectively. This is a massive leap forward that will not only help save human lives but will be a cost saving in the tens of millions of shekels.”

Itamar Deutscher, Electra Group CEO: “Winning this tender carries on the trend to expand Electra Ltd activities. This time Electra Infrastructures was chosen as the sole franchisee to supply lighting conversion services to Netivei Israel for all roads it operates in Israel. This tender’s win demonstrates Electra’s versatility yet again by virtue of its vast knowhow and experience earned through extensive activities in the fields of construction, infrastructures and transportation.”