Elco is always looking for new technologies and ideas which could transform the way we serve our customers. The Elcothon event focused on new developments in fields of  AI, Personal assistants, and Smart home. All the participants were free to build the coolest and craziest apps and skills that are going to change the world!

Since Elco is a major Israeli company, owner of the Electra super brand. Rooted in industry, Elco’s companies today touch many lives in a variety of instances – construction, infrastructure, consumer electronics, telecommunications, entertainment and more.

There for it is important for us to be the spearhead of innovation.

Elco gathered together many well-known brands and companies from its portfolio such as Golan Telecom, Huawei, Shekem Electric, Machsaney Hashmal (מחסני חשמל), Globus Max, Electra real estate, Electra construction and more. 

The Elcothon was a collaboration between Elco and Microsoft ,amazon ,IBM ,prime and the "Personal assistants" community which is the biggest community in Israel with more than 3,000 professionals and thought leaders in the field of AI and Voice apps.

Within 24 hours, 11 groups, guided by mentors of partnering companies, built innovative apps and AI technologically advanced programs that can greatly transform the way corporations meet their customers' needs.

In the end there were 3  winners, but even more innovative ideas with great potential for more creative and technological development.

Yuval Atad (yuvi

Chief Digital Officer

Elco LTD